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Whether you are a student, a young professional, or an experienced employee,

having a professionally written, organized and visually appealing resume is the key to
making an excellent first impression and landing a job interview

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Tanya Kutcher, PhD (in progress),
Resume writer and designer

My name is Tanya Kutcher, and currently I'm a PhD student in the Curriculum and Instruction program. ​ I had previously worked as a Writing Lab specialist, English instructor, and an international programs coordinator before jumping back into academia as a full-time doctoral student and a teaching fellow in the College of Education.

I started Amazing Resumes to help young professionals land their first job or advance in their career, as well as assist experienced individuals in revising and improving their resumes and CVs. Applying for jobs is a tiring process, and a professionally written resume is the first chance to impress a potential employer. My mission is to ensure that all my clients land their job interviews without having to spend hundreds of dollars for resume writing services!
I started creating resumes in 2013. My education in English and Linguistics and experience teaching undergraduate English courses turned me into an advanced language user. Combined with my passion for graphic design, I have a perfect combination of skills needed for professional resume writing. Some of the tools I use to design resumes are graphic design software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher and a document preparation coding system LaTex developed specifically for high-quality typesetting.  
​​I have conducted seminars and workshops for recent graduates to give some tips and advice in writing effective resumes. Excellent reviews from my clients demonstrate the effectiveness of my work. I look forward to helping you eith your resume! 
The employer's first impression is based solely on what he or she sees on your resume/CV. That’s why:

Amazing Resumes will tailor your resume or

CV to the requirements of your desired positions,
make sure that it reflects all your skills and experiences that are critical for your field, and effectively

highlight your strengths to make sure you
stand out in a competitive job market.
Why is your resume important?
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Your resume is more than just a document;
it’s the tool that you use to market yourself,
and when it comes to presenting yourself to a potential employer, you only get one shot.

So, what first impression does your resume
give to prospective employers?
Wrinkled and unorganized, or neat and structured? Long and cluttered, or precise and informative?
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